Why retire to Ecuador?

In Ecuador, your dollars go farther, Ecuador changed its national currency to the US dollar in the year 2000, which makes Ecuador a very stable economy and a paradise for foreigners who wants to come here.

Ecuador has a beautiful topography with many distinct regions, a country rich in culture and traditions, and its people are its greatest asset.

Other aspect that makes Ecuador a great destination for expats or foreigners is the cost of living.

Even though the country uses US dollars, the services are very inexpensive when compared to the US. As an example, electric bills can range from $15 to $40 per month, water bill can be $ 20 USD per month, and you can even rent a nice 2 bed apartment for $ 400 USD a month.

Transportation isvery inexpensive as well, a public bus fare is only about $0.25 cents, taxis are very inexpensive as
well in Ecuador. You can buy 4 or 5 delicious avocadoes for 1 dollar, 25 oranges for 2 dollars, most
of the fruits are only one dollar.
So don’t overthink it much, come and visit Ecuador and see with your own eyes what like in
Ecuador can be like. Latin Frontiers specializes in Retiring tours in Ecuador, many of our past clients visiting are now calling Ecuador home.
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